2020 Census of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries

Characteristics of 2020 CAFF

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1Expansion of electronic census

Implementation of tablet PC survey
  • Development of an exclusive CAPI application that includes electronic map and internal survey functions
  • In-person survey by interviewers using an electronic questionnaire
Expantion of internet survey
  • Direct participation by respondents in places where the Internet is available
  • Expanded under unexpected circumstances(coronavirus, heavy snow, infectious disease in animals)
2Design of a questionnaire reflecting social changes and policy demands in farming, forestry, and fishery villages
  • Identification of changes in farming, forestry, and fishery villages, such as smart farming and foreign workers
  • Survey on products (crops, fish species) reflecting the consumption trend
  • Survey on the quality of life in farming, forestry, and fishery villages, such as public transportation and amenities
  • Reflection of items recommended by WCA 2020
3Integration of administrative and civilian data
  • Standardization of administrative addresses for agriculture, forestry, and fishery industries and creation of population DB
  • Use of the list of target households and replacement of census items
4Creation of added value
  • Provision of statistics on towns (administrative unit Ri) in connection with the Geographic Information System (GIS)
  • Increased possibility for use of information and communication technologies, such as ICT convergence and advancement of electronic devices